Refining Success: Supplemental Hydrogen Compression

Nexus works effectively with refinery team by providing temporary compression solution to capture lost margin

An unplanned refinery unit outage resulted in a nine to twelve-month loss of hydrogen compression capacity. While co-product hydrogen supply from another refinery unit remained available, the hydrogen compression outage led to a reduction in hydro-processing throughput, degradation of hydrogen to fuel and significant loss of product margin. The challenge was to safely, effectively and quickly capture lost hydroprocessing product margins in ...[READ MORE]

Refining Success: Hydrocracker Furnace Rebuild

Inspection indicated signs of creep stress and deterioration in radiant and convection sections of furnace.

A client’s inspection of the 1960’s vintage furnace identified that the tubes in the radiant sections showed signs of creep stress and required replacement. This inspection also showed other deterioration issues in the radiant section, convection section and large bore duct to the SCR from the furnace stack.

With only a short amount of time remaining before the Hydrocracker planned turnaround, the challenge...[READ MORE]

Manufacturing Success: Improved Process Control with Improved Productivity

Global specialty product producer seeking manufacturing improvements to their quality output.

Improving product quality and production capacity were the goals of a global manufacturer of specialty products company. The client stored its solid product in a bulk warehouse under regulated conditions to maintain quality. The client was seeking real-time information and controls, such as the weight of the product, temperature and volume of liquid, used to produce its final product. This valuable information...[READ MORE]

Manufacturing Success: Optimizing Warehouse Operations

Nexus team analysis aids specialty chemical company

Looking to improve efficiency and its capabilities, a global specialty chemical company asked Nexus to optimize the operations of an existing warehouse. The client’s existing warehouse was designed to operate as a FIFO (first in, first out) system, but was not currently using the FIFO system. Working with Nexus, the client was seeking ideas to re-design the warehouse so the client could have the capability to store their finished goods along with raw materials without expanding their existing facility. Operating more efficiently will help...[READ MORE]