Nexus is passionate about investing in the future by developing engineering students into talented young professionals. Nexus firmly believes that providing diverse training and opportunities for growth are key to developing a well-rounded, successful engineer. Our co-ops/interns work on real world engineering problems and contribute to the delivery of engineering solutions for our customers. They are part of our team.

Our co-op/intern approach has provided our past students with a significant advantage when starting their careers. When they become full time members of our team, they already have a solid foundation from working with our tools and technology, allowing them to immediately make a positive impact on the success of the firm.

Come work with us and learn how We Think Differently.

Meet Our Co-ops

Joe M.

Joe Munaretto

Mechanical Engineer Intern

Joe has been with Nexus for over two years while pursuing his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Cleveland State University. While at Nexus, Joe has learned many new skills not taught in his classes, such as 3D modeling of equipment and piping systems, stress analysis, and creating drawings for fabrication. His favorite project to date involved developing 3D animations as part of the planning process for removing vessels from a client’s facility.

Aside from acquiring new skills, he enjoys working at Nexus because it’s a great working environment that offers very accommodating working hours. He likes that the employees at Nexus have a great work ethic and really care to deliver a quality product to their clients. Joe especially appreciates the learning opportunities that have come from collaborating with his coworkers, and his advice for incoming co-ops and interns is to ask plenty of questions.

Rick Surdy, Nexus Engineering Group co-op student

Rick Surdy

Project Services and Estimating Intern

Rick joined Nexus almost one year ago while pursuing his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. During his time with Nexus, Rick has developed many new templates for our project services group, including a monetary risk assessment, which has been used to formulate proposals for numerous new projects. He has also assisted with preparing several cost estimates.

The best part about working at Nexus, according to Rick? The people, the environment, and the flexible hours. He says the office has a positive vibe, there’s a great dynamic between employees, and a fun and energetic atmosphere – not what you would expect at the typical engineering firm. For Rick, Nexus is just a short commute from campus (just a ride on the rapid), and the Playhouse Square district has a lot of things to do, such as the summer farmers’ markets.

  • Dena K
    "At Nexus I’m able to learn from everyone, from the executives down to entry levels and interns." Read Dena's Day in the Life.
  • Tuaha
    “The Nexus team is full of strong communicators, which means you get challenging projects, not challenging people.”
    Tuaha K.
    Project Manager
  • Dennis Hill, Nexus Engineering Group
    “Nexus is a company that’s large enough to handle complex engineering projects, but small enough to be flexible with an entrepreneurial spirit.”
    Dennis H.
    Senior Consultant
  • Patrick Chmura, Nexus Engineering Group
    “Several former co-workers recommended Nexus as a good place to work, plus an ownership that cared about its employees. It seemed to be the right size; not too big, not too small.”
    Pat C.
    Principal Engineer
  • Melena Heller, Senior Director of Project Management
    “Leadership has an eye for future leaders – who has the right curiosity and initiative. And even our most tenured are open to change based on input. They truly listen to ideas from new talent with different perspectives.”
    Melena H.
    Senior Director, Project Management
  • Intern Brandon Hoskins
    “I am becoming more aware of the gap between education and “real world” experience. There is just so much knowledge that school doesn’t teach you, so growing into a knowledgeable and responsible engineer at Nexus is rewarding on a daily basis!”
    Brandon H.
    Structural Engineer
  • Nexus Senior Project Manager Tim Hoekenga
    “When considering a career change, I looked at what my priorities were for the next phase of my career. Those priorities included growth potential, an energetic and exciting company culture, and the opportunity to grow and learn across a variety of industries. Nexus’s vision and culture fit all of those priorities very well.”
    Tim H.
    Senior Project Manager
  • “I’m proud that Nexus Engineering Group gives back to the communities in which we live and work and donates to worthy charities on a regular basis.”
    Lisa S.
    Senior Electrical Engineer
  • Nexus Chief Engineer Don Huller
    “We have amassed an excellent group of people that have really invested in Nexus as a company. They are a pleasure to work with and socialize with.”
    Don H.
    Chief Engineer
  • “With tuition reimbursement offered, Nexus supports my growth within this company and opens opportunities for advancement in my Nexus career.”
    Traci H.
    Accounting Supervisor