What Does a Mechanical Engineer Do in a Day?

Jason Downie describes a day in the life of a Nexus mechanical engineer, why he chose Nexus, and the importance of balance and support in the company culture.  

Describe a typical day at Nexus as a Mechanical Engineer 

Jason: A typical day at Nexus includes meetings, talking with the team, modeling or project work, and putting documents together for construction packages. I typically come in at 8 a.m. and first check emails and voicemails. My team and I will work on 3D modeling, and I may reference client EPs (Engineering Practices) or ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards, depending on the job.  

Throughout the day I’ll discuss with various project teams what work needs to be done and work with the Tech Street standards platform and representative to reference codes and standards. I may meet with a team to troubleshoot an issue with a piece of equipment that isn’t lining up with how the client needs it. 

I really enjoy sitting with everyone and hanging out over lunch. I like to wrap up whatever I’m working on by the end of the day so I can start a new project the next day. 

Why did you choose Nexus? 

Jason: In spring of 2018, Nexus team members Amanda Reymander, Sean McCann, and Joe Munaretto, came to the Cleveland State career fair to recruit college students – including myself. They were engaging and excited to talk to me about Nexus. Their personal interest and excitement stood out from what I saw from other companies attending.  

When I started in my entry-level position at Nexus, I had interesting account work and quickly gained real world experience. From the very beginning, I felt trusted by my peers, mentors, and manager to complete the work given to me. I had responsibilities and worked hard to exceed expectations as I worked my way to my current position as a Mechanical Engineer II. 

How is the work/life balance? 

Jason: Nexus is flexible and understanding. Stepping out for a doctor’s appointment or taking personal time off is easy to do, and my manager is accommodating. I’ve worked in other places where the culture was cut-throat and non-collaborative. The company culture here is welcoming and supportive. This type of environment makes it easy to go to work, ask questions, or go to people for advice on a project.  

If you dread going to work then you aren’t in the right spot. Nexus is collaborative and provides an environment I want to be around. 

Do you feel supported at Nexus?  

Jason: Absolutely. Nexus prides itself on providing an open environment where anyone is willing to help. Even the President and Executive Vice President, Jeff and Marianne, are available to talk to us. You can walk into their offices at any time. There’s something to be said about that. 




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