In celebration of World Engineering Day, our engineers reflect on why they entered this profession


I wanted to become an engineer because I love learning and moving through challenging problems. Process engineering has helped me develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills I use every day. I enjoy working as an engineer at Nexus because I get to work on a culmination of projects and processes. It means the world to be able to work with other engineers who enjoy helping others and that have the same passion for educating themselves on new skills and technologies.


I was interested in the field of engineering because I appreciate the art of solving complex projects. Sometimes, a lot of the work I do feels like a puzzle and it’s fascinating to learn about new things everyday through the process of problem solving! A large part of being an engineer is actively learning on the job and not being afraid to ask questions in order to learn more. I enjoy learning from my colleagues each day. Their hard work inspires me and I love witnessing their hard work. Most of all, I appreciate my team taking time out of their day to help educate and elevate my learning at Nexus.


What inspired me to be an engineer? There is a how and a why to that question. I always have been inquisitive about not only how things work, but why they work. I wanted to major in a degree that would help answer those questions. This led me to chemical engineering, which not only helps me answer these questions, but gives me the tools to figure the answers out on my own. Working as a Process Engineer is inspiring because there is always something new to learn about. With a variety of projects to explore – the how and why of many different processes – I always feel like I am growing. I am surrounded by an amazing team that seemingly has an endless amount of experience. My team has given me a great opportunity to feel inspired each day.


About Nexus Engineering Group LLC

Nexus Engineering Group LLC, headquartered in Cleveland, and with offices in Maumee, Ohio, Midland, Michigan, and now, Chicago, Illinois is a full-service, independent engineering firm focused on supporting clients’ specific project goals from concept to startup. Since 2005, clients have recognized Nexus as the engineering firm of choice in the refining, petroleum midstream, chemical, manufacturing and utilities industries.

With more than 200 professionals on staff, Nexus is made up of experienced process, instrumentation and controls, structural, electrical, mechanical, and piping professionals with decades of hands-on conceptual and detailed system design and construction and project management experience.

Nexus delivers project designs that reduce overall risks resulting in safer work environments. By utilizing state-of-the-art software and innovative design tools, Nexus consistently meets client project and investment requirements while building valuable and enduring “Engineering Relationships.

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