Nexus Selected to Conduct a Fleetwide Arc Flash Assessment for Power Generating Client

Nexus Engineering Group has been identified as the supplier of choice to perform arc flash and coordination studies for one of America’s premier power generating companies.

Nexus has been selected to work with one of America’s premier power generating companies which operates more than 75 generating stations, with nearly 26,000 megawatts of capacity, in 16 states and Canada. Nexus Engineering Group has been identified as their supplier of choice to perform arc flash and coordination studies at its plants in accordance with plant operating standards.[READ MORE]

Nexus Assists with CO Boiler Replacement for Major Refinery Client

A major midwestern refinery requests support from Nexus to replace a CO Boiler after experiencing three unplanned shutdowns in the past five years.

The unplanned shutdowns have lasted two days to multiple months, causing significant disruption to refinery operations. An inspection revealed that the tubes and drums were found to be past the typical design life of 30 years and would require replacement. Succesful completion of this project will improve operational efficiency at the refinery.[READ MORE]

Nexus Assists with HDN Recycle Compressor Improvements at Major U.S. Refinery

The objective of the project was to replace the aging and inefficient HDN Recycle Compressor with the least amount of deconstruction to its existing location.

Our client, a major global petroleum producer, sells 50 million gallons of fuel to more than 7,200 retail locations across the U.S. This midwest refinery can process up to 160,000 barrels of crude oil each day. Since 2016, the refinery has completed its largest maintenance turnaround in 40 years, along with the largest facility building project in its entire history. Both have helped the refinery improve safety and become more efficient in its use of ... [READ MORE]

Refinery Maintenance Shop Replacement

Major Nexus client seeking safety and efficiency improvements in new maintenance shop building on 12-acre site

Nexus was asked to assist in replacing on-site maintenance shops for one of its long-standing clients. Coordinating with various experts, Nexus helped complete the project on time and on budget. By working directly with the client and others, Nexus was able to improve their client’s safety and increase ... [READ MORE]

Safety Sub-Committee at BP Husky

Nexus helps to create the “United in Safety” sub-committee at BP Husky Refining in Toledo to improve electrical safety culture.

In 2015, BP Husky approached Nexus with the concept of creating a United In Safety sub-committee to review and oversee Instrumentation and Electrical safety issues at their refinery in Toledo. The sub-committee was successfully created, and three Nexus employees serve as members, one of which ... [READ MORE]

Award Winning Drumming Facility

Lubrizol Painesville Township facility project received an Ohio Chemistry Technology Council Award in 2018. Nexus helped the award-winning project improve safety and optimize product logistics.

The Vision Project was designed to improve the overall safety of Lubrizol employees while optimizing product drumming and packaging. This project started with an assessment of product movement, drumming, and packaging options to meet business requirements. The selected option was planned and executed to both deliver future business benefits while minimizing the impact on current operations. The plan included a multi-phase sequence approach to first relocate parking and other existing facilities creating space for the new centralized drumming facility and associated systems ...[READ MORE]

Refining Success: Supplemental Hydrogen Compression

Nexus works effectively with refinery team by providing temporary compression solution to capture lost margin

An unplanned refinery unit outage resulted in a nine to twelve-month loss of hydrogen compression capacity. While co-product hydrogen supply from another refinery unit remained available, the hydrogen compression outage led to a reduction in hydro-processing throughput, degradation of hydrogen to fuel and significant loss of product margin. The challenge was to safely, effectively and quickly capture lost hydroprocessing product margins in ...[READ MORE]

Hydrocracker Furnace Rebuild

Inspection indicated signs of creep stress and deterioration in radiant and convection sections of furnace.

A client’s inspection of the 1960’s vintage furnace identified that the tubes in the radiant sections showed signs of creep stress and required replacement. This inspection also showed other deterioration issues in the radiant section, convection section and large bore duct to the SCR from the furnace stack.

With only a short amount of time remaining before the Hydrocracker planned turnaround, the challenge...[READ MORE]

Improved Process Control with Improved Productivity

Global specialty product producer seeking manufacturing improvements to their quality output.

Improving product quality and production capacity were the goals of a global manufacturer of specialty products company. The client stored its solid product in a bulk warehouse under regulated conditions to maintain quality. The client was seeking real-time information and controls, such as the weight of the product, temperature and volume of liquid, used to produce its final product. This valuable information...[READ MORE]

Optimizing Warehouse Operations

Nexus team analysis aids specialty chemical company

Looking to improve efficiency and its capabilities, a global specialty chemical company asked Nexus to optimize the operations of an existing warehouse. The client’s existing warehouse was designed to operate as a FIFO (first in, first out) system, but was not currently using the FIFO system. Working with Nexus, the client was seeking ideas to re-design the warehouse so the client could have the capability to store their finished goods along with raw materials without expanding their existing facility. Operating more efficiently will help...[READ MORE]