Nexus means “Connection.”
And that’s what we make every day.

Connections between client needs and breakthrough designs.
Connections between concept and completion.
Connections between the people who make it all possible.

About Nexus

Designed to be Different

In 2005, Nexus Founding Partners Jeff Herzog and Marianne Corrao set out to change the way engineering firms serve their clients. While other firms focused on solving design problems and maximizing billable hours, Nexus built a talented team of consultants whose mission is to link today’s strategies to tomorrow’s competitive advantage by delivering extraordinary service and value through:

Owner-side Experience

With a wealth of industry experience across more than 200 Nexus team members, we understand how clients actually use our designs in the field and can confidently identify and recommend the solutions that will deliver the best results. Our practical experience promotes more accurate estimates and safe, on-time, on-budget delivery.


Combined Years of Industry Experience


Days with zero safety incidents


It’s a process we use at Nexus to ensure every engineering relationship begins with your business, not a design need. Our teams start by learning your operations, investment and desired outcome, which helps us evaluate the engineering problem from all angles. Then we get to work on how to best maximize your return. Business-first thinking inspires more creative design, and more effective communications throughout the project. It also creates more satisfied clients – more than 70% of our growth comes from the relationships and trust we’ve built with existing clients.

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Extraordinary People

Engineering talent can solve design problems, but it takes positive, proactive leaders to set a clear direction, motivate a team, resolve conflicts and achieve great things. From the start, we’ve built best-in-class teams by attracting and developing top engineering talent who also excel in client service, communications, and coaching. Solid relationships and mutual trust are critical to highly-complex, high-stakes engineering projects, especially when they don’t go perfectly to plan.

Our values speak volumes

They govern the work we do, and how we do it. Exceptional values ensure that every team member delivers exceptional value, no matter the client or project.

Safety. The top priority, from design through construction, and into operations

Integrity. Unwavering personal and professional ethics

Quality. Define and meet project requirements every time

Service. Responsive, agile and timely in responding to client requests

Value. Continuous focus on maximizing client return on investment

Jeff Herzog, P.E.
Marianne Corrao, Executive Vice President and Founding Partner
Emily Gambill
Nexus Chief Engineer Don Huller
Melena Heller, Senior Director of Project Management
Lisa Theis
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Leading from the Front

Learn more about the industry veterans who built a different kind of engineering firm.