Nexus Increases Safety and Reduces Environmental Emissions Through Replacement Equipment Design

The Nexus Team developed a design to replace the propane compressor for a major refining client in the Midwest to reduce emissions, increase safety, and ensure reliability.





A major refinery in the Midwest came to the Nexus Team to design and replace an aging compressor. The current compressor is made from cast iron which poses multiple safety risks for workers and the environment and does not comply with current API standards. Replacing the compressor not only increases operability and reliability but would mitigate risks posed by emissions and leaks. A compressor replacement would help the facility comply with API standards for the foreseeable future and align with the company’s rigorous ESG standards, where safety and environmental protection are of the upmost importance.



The Nexus Team was presented with the challenge of engineering a new compressor for the existing operation. Since this was not an identical replacement, a new piping design was required to connect the compressor with existing equipment and additional instrumentation was needed to integrate the new compressor into the facility.


The Nexus Team began with an assessment of current 3D models where the compressor is located, surrounding equipment, and piping systems. This assessment provided crucial insights into how the new compressor could be seamlessly integrated.


Recognizing the vital need for new piping to connect the compressor with existing equipment, the Nexus Team’s engineers worked to design a piping system that not only met the technical specifications but also aligned with safety protocols and environmental regulations. This involved close collaboration with the refinery’s operations team to ensure minimal downtime during the installation process.


By addressing the safety risks posed by the outdated cast iron compressor and ensuring compliance with API standards, the Nexus design enhanced operability and reliability, mitigating the potential for emissions and leaks.


Client Name 



Midwest USA




  • Equipment Design
  • Piping Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Equipment Layout Assessment