Project Services & Controls

February 25, 2021
Brendan Shanley

Nexus Hires Project Services Director to Lead Internal Operations and Expand Critical Client Services

Nexus Engineering Group LLC announces the hiring of Brendan Shanley as Project Services Director for the company, reporting to CFO Don Newberry. Shanley will oversee Nexus’s growing Project Services function. 
December 14, 2020
Don Newberry, Nexus CFO

Nexus Engineering Group Promotes Don Newberry To Chief Financial Officer

Nexus Engineering Group LLC announces the promotion of Don Newberry to Chief Financial Officer. Newberry will be responsible for providing strategic direction for the accounting and finance functions at Nexus. He will continue to lead the project services function.
September 15, 2020
Don Newberry, Senior Director of Project Services

Nexus Engineering Group Director to Enhance Project Services

Nexus hires Don Newberry to grow and improve its project services offerings. Cleveland, OH – Nexus Engineering Group LLC announces the hiring of Don Newberry as its Project Services Director. Newberry will be responsible for expanding and enhancing Project Services capabilities and their integration with Nexus’ advanced work packaging process.
September 13, 2020
Howard Thompson, Senior Staff Engineer, Nexus Engineering Group

Nexus Engineering Group Hires Senior Staff Engineer to Further Project Health and Safety Capabilities

Howard Thompson will oversee project health and safety functions and contribute to project delivery for clients. Cleveland, OH – Nexus Engineering Group announces the hiring of Howard Thompson as senior staff engineer. Thompson will support the firm’s project management team and take responsibility for expanding and enhancing project health and safety services capabilities and their integration with the Nexus project delivery process. Health and safety are integral parts of projects from conception through design, construction, and operation. Nexus applies a fundamental approach to engineering design with…
September 12, 2020
Melena Heller, Senior Director of Project Management

Nexus’s Approach to Project Management

“We see ourselves as an extension of the client’s team, giving us skin in the game,” says Melena Huller, Senior Project Director at Nexus and the leader of the project management team. “We internalize our client’s problems and then work to find solutions.” Teamwork & Collaboration A culture of collaboration drives the Nexus project management group. Teamwork and collaboration are critical to project success at Nexus. The firm believes in creating an environment that fosters a well-connected, highly collaborative internal team. This allows Nexus to take a more flexible approach that results in better ideas and, therefore, solutions tailored to each client’s business need. This approach extends to how Nexus thinks about its relationship with its clients. Huller is responsible for reinforcing a winning culture among the project management team, the engineering team, and Nexus’s clients. Her emphasis on teamwork…