September 25, 2020
A worker wearing gloves, a mask and helmet uses a drill to secure nuts on a production line.

Nexus Supports Maintenance Shop Replacement

Major Nexus client seeking safety and efficiency improvements in new maintenance shop building on 12-acre site. Nexus was asked to assist in replacing on-site maintenance shops for one of its long-standing clients. Coordinating with various experts, Nexus helped complete the project on time and on budget. By working directly with the client and others, Nexus was able to improve their client’s safety and increase ...
September 26, 2019
Tech Perspective

Completions Management: Successful Completions Starts in the Front End

It’s a common problem with all sizes and types of projects. Many well designed, planned and executed projects near mechanical completion and then panic sets in. The project team realizes that activities critical to the key stakeholders’ acceptance of the plant for start-up and operation have not been defined, considered, or completed. The scramble to complete these activities to the stakeholders’ satisfaction starts, tensions rise, and the project end date slips away. Along with the delay, project costs increase, return on the investment decreases and market opportunities may vaporize. Systematic Completions Management is a vital tool in…