Manufacturing Client Taps Nexus to Support Capacity Expansion Project

Nexus provides design to integrate new equipment into an existing operation that will expand production capacity and manufacturing capabilities for a client delivering key components to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.





The medical and healthcare industries have been growing steadily over the past decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic pushed demand to record levels. This Midwest based manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in both biopharmaceutical and medical device products, was well positioned to capitalize on growing demand but required key upgrades and integration of new production equipment to do so.

To meet its commitment to serving the healthcare market and delivering high-quality, high-performance solutions, the client needed to install two additional mixers into a multi-level facility to achieve its capacity goals. Speed to market was crucial to capture increased demand.


During the project’s design phase, the team was challenged with the equipment layout. The production relies on a gravity-fed process, which requires equipment to span multiple floors. Retrofitting new equipment into a multi-story space would require intricate design, site modifications, and careful planning.

The project also faced pandemic induced procurement hurdles, with delivery timelines being extended and delayed.  This challenge was particularly acute given the accelerated timeline of the project.

Between the engineers, suppliers, and constructors, there were over 10 contractors performing work on this project. Effective communication and collaboration became a focal point for project success, and even more critical in the pandemic environment where many team members were forced to perform work from home.


The Nexus Team successfully delivered a winning design that integrated new equipment into the new and existing facility, and it was installed with minimal field changes and zero safety incidents. The design was delivered on time and the Nexus team provided the required coordination with procurement to order the equipment and expedite it to arrive during the required installation window.  Most importantly, the facility is now meeting increased demand for its specialty chemical products that are key inputs for the medical and healthcare industries.


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