Nexus Supports Renovation at Ohio Manufacturing Site

Nexus’s Project Services Team provides project controls, scheduling, and estimating expertise for indefinitely recyclable beverage can manufacturer.



Opening a new manufacturing facility can be a challenge without proper planning, guidance, and support. Our client came to Nexus anticipating that our team would be able to streamline this process while staying within budget and on time.


Our client was experiencing a rapid increase in demand for its aluminum cans and needed to increase production capacity quickly. The client purchased an existing facility in Ohio for the production of indefinitely recyclable beverage cans in various shapes and sizes for sparkling water, soft drinks, teas, and alcoholic beverages. The acquisition would allow them to get to market in a timely manner but would require renovations and modifications to fit production needs.

The client first engaged Nexus to perform a health check to understand what would be required to get the facility operational. Nexus determined that this project required a master controls schedule that incorporated all engineering deliverables, procurement, and construction to achieve the client’s goals and meet the aggressive timeline.


Nexus provided the master schedule and supported this project with schedule management, which involved coordination of contractor updates and weekly reporting. The master controls schedule was leveraged to validate the budgetary cost estimate and help provide insight of contractor performance against the construction budget.


Nexus’s robust project controls and scheduling expertise ensured that the project remained within budget and on schedule, maximizing the client’s return on investment.


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Midwest USA




  • Project Controls
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Schedule Management
  • Procurement