Nexus Supports 15MW Combined Heat and Power Development

Solution leveraged two 7.5MW Combustion Gas Turbines and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG).

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems are playing an important role in providing large scale efficiency gains by repurposing waste heat from power generation to meet a facility’s electrical and thermal load demands.

When integrated into the facility’s main power grid, CHP systems add reliability and resilience in the event of a utility power outage. For this project, Nexus developed a conceptual design that provides nominal net 15 MW generation with low-NOx duct-fired supplemental steam generation totaling 100 Mlbs/hr per HRSG, 200 Mlbs/hr nominal total.

The Project Team chose a two-train CHP/HRSG design to provide improved reliability to the plant. The Nexus team determined the trip of one turbine, or 7.5 MW of generation, was within the ability of the current utility provider to handle the load shift without upsetting facility operations.


The project challenges included evaluation and sizing of the steam generation from the CHP unit(s) that would displace steam generated by two existing utility boilers and/or waste heat steam generation within the plant. The design required balancing the overall electrical and steam generation being produced within plant operational parameters, while providing for a cost-effective solution and return on investment.


Nexus provided technical expertise needed by the Owner to:

  • define the project scope and develop conceptual process and electrical design basis parameters,
  • specify and obtain major equipment pricing, which included gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators, gas compressors, electrical paralleling switchgear and powerhouse, black start generator, and CEMS/CHP system controls.

Client Name 


Midwest USA 


  • Conceptual Engineering and Design Basis Input
  • Process Heat Balance Study
  • Power System Analysis
  • Specification of Balance of Plant (BOP) Major Equipment
  • Major Equipment Vendor Review and Coordination
  • Layouts, Code, Site Access, and Performance Reviews
  • Total Installed (TIC) Cost Estimate
  • Final Study Detailed Report