Paint Manufacturing Client Engages Nexus for Capacity Expansion Project

Nexus team created a design that implemented proprietary equipment into a preexisting process.


As global leader in the paints and coatings manufacturing industry, this client has recently experienced unprecedented growth due to high demand for household durable goods and because of the post-pandemic rebound. This prompted production expansion efforts across a number of their manufacturing sites, including the Ohio site that was home to this project.

The Nexus team was asked to provide a design that would integrate preordered manufacturing equipment into the existing operation and facility. Two of the new pieces of equipment, mixers, were vertical, replacing the existing horizontal design. Maintaining the horizontal equipment, with the addition of the vertical design, was a key part of the project deliverable.


For this client, it’s customary to order stock equipment, then redesign the process and structure to accommodate that equipment. This poses a challenge, especially in situations where it’s required to retrofit equipment into an existing process.

The other challenge Nexus faced was the footprint and orientation of the existing mixers were significantly different than the new equipment ordered. The production line and surrounding structures would have to be modified to accommodate this new layout.

Lastly, supply chain issues arose which delayed the delivery of the new equipment. Upon arrival, it was discovered that there were slight variations in the equipment from the original specification. This would require adjustments to the timeline of the project and the design.


In order to fit the new equipment, the Nexus team modified the mezzanine structure to accommodate the new vertical mixers. Vertical equipment designs limited overhead space for fitting and installation meaning the aluminum bonding mezzanine structure was refurbished to accommodate the new equipment.

The bonder’s increased capacity increased the productivity rate of the operation. The two new mixers occupy less space due to their vertical design, which enables them to continue using existing equipment, alongside the newly added mixers. This streamlined production and increased its capacity.

The Nexus team provided outstanding design and development work to integrate the new equipment into the process, ultimately improving capacity. Nexus was instrumental in solving several specific equipment specification and installation challenges for the client. In doing so, the team quickly stepped up to help rectify issues the client experienced with several vendors. Upon installation, the client has been pleased with the work of the Nexus team, leading to a strong relationship between the client and Nexus.


Client Name 



Midwest USA


Paints & Coatings


  • P&ID Development
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Line Sizing & Hydraulic Calculations
  • Instrumentation & Control Panel
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Structural Steel Plan & Details
  • Piping & Piping Support Details
  • Power & Control Systems