Enhancing Engineering Workflows with VR/AR/XR Headsets at Nexus Engineering Group

Cleveland, OH, March 26, 2024 – In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and construction, embracing cutting-edge technologies is essential. Nexus Engineering Group, a forward-thinking firm, has taken a significant leap by integrating virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) headsets into their operations. These headsets enable engineers, designers, and field personnel to visualize complex 3D models, assess constructability, and streamline collaboration.

The Role of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality and Spatial Computing

Nexus Engineering Group employs software such as BIM Holoview to transform CAD Models into immersive 3D experiences. With extended reality or spatial computing headsets like the Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest 3 and Microsoft Hololens 2, engineers and owners can walk through virtual sites, inspect intricate details, and identify potential clashes before construction begins. This process significantly reduces errors and accelerates decision-making.

  • 3D Model Reviews – With these headsets, the team can review the design model in a 3D collaborative environment where they can interact with the digital environment. The review can be conducted in the same office, as well as, concurrently at other locations where other reviewers can join in viewing the same model.
  • Field Constructability Reviews – The technology allows the user to overlay a digital 1:1 scale model onto physical spaces. On-site personnel can visualize equipment placement, verify clearances, and assess safety considerations.

Benefits and Impact

  • Efficiency: VR/AR/XR headsets expedite design validation, minimizing rework during construction. Engineers can spot clashes, evaluate spatial constraints, and optimize layouts seamlessly.
  • Collaboration: Nexus Engineering Group fosters collaboration across teams. Whether it’s a remote design review or an on-site walkthrough, these headsets facilitate communication and enhance understanding.
  • Safety: By identifying constructability issues early, safety risks are mitigated. Field personnel can visualize potential hazards and plan accordingly.

Nexus Engineering Group’s adoption of VR/AR/XR headsets exemplifies their commitment to innovation and excellence. As the industrial metaverse continues to evolve, these tools empower engineers to bridge the gap between digital models and physical reality. We look forward to witnessing more groundbreaking applications as Nexus Engineering Group pioneers the future of engineering.

About Nexus Engineering Group

Nexus Engineering Group is a full-service, independent engineering firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with offices in Toledo, Ohio, Midland, Michigan, and Oak Brook, Illinois. Nexus is focused on supporting clients’ specific project goals from concept to startup. Since 2005, clients have recognized Nexus as the engineering services firm of choice in the refining, petroleum midstream, chemical, manufacturing and utilities industries.

With more than 225 professionals on staff, Nexus is made up of experienced process, instrumentation and controls, structural engineering, electrical, mechanical engineering, and piping professionals with decades of hands-on conceptual and detailed system design, construction, and project management experience.

Nexus delivers project designs that reduce overall risks resulting in safer work environments. By utilizing state-of-the-art software and innovative design tools, Nexus consistently meets client project and investment requirements. Get to know us and you will agree that Nexus is not your typical engineering firm – “Engineering Relationships.”

For more information, visit www.nexusegroup.com