Nexus Procurement Services Team Identifies Supply Chain Traps, Providing Innovative Solutions and Capabilities

Why Procurement?

In today’s world, obtaining the materials, products, and services needed to effectively achieve business objectives is more challenging than ever before. Supply risk is a major obstacle in the current business climate – It is the why behind Nexus’ expansion into procurement services in 2023. Smart procurement practices ensure efficient operations and successful project execution.
In the last year, Nexus has built up our procurement team and capabilities to better serve our clients and has created a customized, step-by-step approach to procurement services.

The Challenge

Poor performance in a company’s supply chain will have direct implications on safety, quality, scheduling, cost, and plant utilization. Our experienced team of supply chain professionals help clients navigate the challenging and ever-changing marketplace to save money, time, and resources, amidst a dynamic economic landscape.

Several clients have called out similar needs for our procurement services:

“We are concerned about our project performance outcomes because of our procurement issues.”

“We are frustrated with our recurring procurement problems that never seem to get resolved.”

“We are worried about emerging supply chain issues in the COVID-19 era of business.”

Specific challenges of our clients include:

  • Project schedules suffering from an inability to obtain equipment on time
  • Quality of materials and labor, leading to rework and downtime
  • Unexpected cost increases due to inflation and labor shortages, cause several projects to run over budget
  • Lack of internal resources to efficiently manage the supply chain on their own

We’re Here to Help

Nexus understands the value and importance of Total Cost of Ownership to business owners. Our procurement team ensures every decision will be informed by a set of robust evaluation criteria – a critical step to avoiding the traps that plague projects. Nexus solves client procurement challenges through planning and performance, sourcing and contracting, expediting and contract management.

“Our experienced team has a deep understanding of the traps that exist within a given supply chain. We identify snags and aid our clients in maneuvering, or completely erasing, the gaps from their business model” says Mike Majchrowski, Nexus Procurement Director. “We never want our clients to forget the critical areas of planning, prioritization, integration and time management – That’s why we are here.”

Whether a client needs fully integrated end-to-end procurement services, or access to trusted resources to supplement their internal team, Nexus’ Procurement team brings the talent and capabilities to mitigate supply chain risks and ensure project success.

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