What Does an Engineering Project Manager Do at Nexus

Joe Werner shares his experience as a project manager at Nexus, what he appreciates about the company culture, and the value a diverse engineering background brings to his day-to-day to work.

What’s it like to be a Project Manager at Nexus?

Joe: Rewarding. Each day I coordinate with project leads to help maintain progress on each project, as well to ensure that I’m acting as a conduit between the Nexus’ design team and client project team. Because of the project and client diversity, each day brings new challenges and opportunities for creative solutions.  

Quality will always be the top priority. From a Project Manager standpoint, it’s my responsibility to ensure that Nexus’ QA/QC procedures are followed. It’s important to me that I’m placing the project teams in the best position to succeed. This may include additional coordination with the client or vendor, internal meetings to make sure the disciplines are aligned, or adapting to project decisions. 

Other responsibilities include scheduling and budgeting. I’m always making sure I’m communicating clearly with the leads on timing and expenses so our projects remain on schedule and on budget.

Why did you choose Nexus?

Joe: I chose Nexus for the culture and the people I work with. The owners and senior managers are readily available and accessible. I appreciate the environment that encourages transparency in communication and encourages input.   

Quality and performance are central to Nexus’ reputation which also played a key role.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Joe: My previous engineering experience focused on electrical, structural, and civil engineering projects, with a focus on utilities and substations. At Nexus, my projects are multi-disciplinary, and I have opportunities to apply my skills and experience in new industries. This makes my day-to-day experience more diverse and interesting, and I am continually growing and developing on the job.

How does Nexus support career development?

Joe: I appreciate that the company rewards hard work and initiative. Nexus is full of people who demonstrate accountability and bring a strong work ethic. Nexus has shown a commitment to employees, as well as flexibility for someone with a young family. I appreciate the allotted PTO and holiday vacation days, as well as profit sharing and bonus opportunities. The December holiday party is a great time too.  

From a professional development perspective, Nexus is open to suggestions from their employees when we have ideas on how to change or improve a process. There’s an open-door policy here, and if you are motivated and eager to learn, there are always people eager to help you.   




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