Nexus Collaborates with Client Team to Complete Elastomer Expansion

healthcare industries material site manufacturing equipment

A Healthcare Industries Material Site (HIMS) in the Great Lakes Region manufactures materials for medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare applications. The facility adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines to produce an expansive line of silicon-based materials for the global healthcare industry. This facility is investing in an expansion of their silicone rubber production capacity.




Nexus was asked to assist in completing the Elastomer Expansion Project that was started by another consulting firm who was unable to meet their contractual obligation. This building was under construction, though the process engineering scope was incomplete and still in its infancy. The challenge: collaborate with the client’s process team to define the final process design.


Nexus worked with the client’s subject matter experts to further develop and complete the process design. Nexus worked seamlessly with all stakeholders to provide process equipment bid specification and tabs. This effort facilitated the on-time procurement and delivery of the process equipment, enabling the overall project to remain on schedule.  Nexus then completed the detailed engineering and issued construction packages.


Nexus demonstrated its flexibility in quickly responding to this client’s needs.  Challenges were presented and addressed with surgical precision.  The expansion project was considered a significant success by all and was ultimately completed within the client’s budget and schedule.

Client Name 



Great Lakes Region, USA


  • Design Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Services

Plant Expansion 

  • Building Expansion


  • Batch Mixer(s)
    • Planetary mixer
    • Sigma Blade mixer
  • ASME Vessels
  • Truck unloading

Piping & Instrumentation 

  • Using Plant 3D Nexus designed over 500 isometrics for the new expansion
  • Over 300 new instruments were required to be specified and procured