Nexus Designs Fuel $350MM In Green Hydrogen Development Projects

hydrogen fuel storage tanksHydrogen fuel cell technology for transportation applications is rapidly developing as a carbon-free alternative to traditional combustion engines. Hydrogen as a zero-emissions fuel source provides several advantages over other emerging technologies, such as batteries, because it can be deployed in a manner similar to gasoline. There are already hydrogen fueling stations in the United States with more planned as the technology is more widely developed.

Green Hydrogen is produced using only renewable energy such as wind, hydropower, or solar. Nexus is supporting clients in the development and construction of several new green hydrogen facilities, which will take advantage of a regional distribution model to produce the liquid hydrogen fuel closer to its end users.


The main project challenges in supporting the facility development involve adapting to changes in the client’s emerging technologies and coordinating with the many project stakeholders. The power systems required for these plants need to be specified to handle large, inverter-based and rotating loads. Ensuring adequate electrical system stability in a wide variety of operating conditions requires careful planning and thoughtful analysis of the new systems. Additionally, the client anticipates future expansion beyond the current design. Planning for flexible, modular-type designs will provide the most value for the client now and in the future.


Nexus provided technical expertise in electrical systems analysis of the plant distribution systems. Utilizing state of the art modeling software, Nexus provided recommendations for both current plans and future growth. Our team also maximized value for the customer by developing systems and recommendations that could be used across multiple facilities.

Client Name 



Northeast and Southern United States




  • Facility Power Systems Analysis
  • Electrical Equipment Sizing
  • Harmonics Analysis
  • Relay Coordination and Setting Sheet Development
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Electrical Design