Nexus Improves Reliability of Midwest Power Grid

Nexus team improved the reliability of the Midwest power grid by utilizing reclosers in their substation design


A critical component of any reliable substation is a recloser. This piece of equipment is responsible for protecting the distribution line in the case of a fault during bad weather events, accidents, or other adverse conditions. A major utility provider asked the Nexus team to incorporate this piece of equipment into the design of a substation to increase the reliability of the line, allow for faster power restoration times, and reduce the number of overall outages for their customers.


The substation selected for these equipment upgrades presented a challenge as it’s located at the end of the grid. Because of its location, there are limited options for re-routing power in the event of an equipment failure, and tens of thousands of people could be without power if the upgrade isn’t planned properly.


The Nexus team was able to incorporate multiple reclosers into the design of the substation that protected the power supply to consumers. These design practices minimize construction time and greatly reduce the risk of interruptions to consumers. This project increased the reliability of the grid in the Midwest as part of this utility provider’s ongoing efforts to upgrade its infrastructure and equipment.


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Midwest USA




  • Substation Design
  • Reclosers
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Temporary Fault Protection
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Equipment Standardization