Nexus Salvages Capacity Expansion Project

Strong client relationships, effective communication, and flexibility contribute to success of a unique project.


Nexus was engaged to work with a global chemical manufacturing company to expand their production capacity of polymers — a critical component in the production of medical equipment and supplies. This industry in the United States is experiencing rapid growth due to the coronavirus pandemic, material shortages, and the client was being forced to buy these polymers to increase production. This was driving up costs up significantly.

Our client came to us with a partially completed project for an installation. This project had gone over budget in the previous completion attempt with another firm. The Nexus team, who has a reputation for managing difficult projects, was tasked with completing the job on time and on budget.


Picking up a project from another firm is never easy. The first challenge the Nexus team faced was deciphering what work had already been completed and work with the client to develop and prioritize work. Secondly, because this was a capacity expansion project necessary for the client to meet growing demand, Nexus was under pressure to maintain a tight project schedule. Lastly, construction was already underway when Nexus was brought in to help. The team would have to develop a creative solution to deliver the work quickly as a series of work packages.

This project needed to be completed within the compressed time frame of the project. That would mean releasing individual work packages so construction could continue while engineering was still underway. This presented a challenge to the Nexus team.


Strong leadership, an adaptable team, and strong communication between Nexus, the client, and the construction team was the key to success.  By closely collaborating with the client, the Nexus team was able to quickly identify priorities and develop a project scope that could be achieved within the tight timeline. Nexus adjusted its typical approach and released each work package individually so construction could progress while engineering was still being completed on other areas.

Not only did releasing the work in individual packages allow Nexus to complete the project within the schedule constraints, it also helped the team deliver the project under budget.

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