Nexus Recruiter Shares Core Characteristics of a Team Motivated by Collaboration and Exciting Challenges

Nexus Team Member Ali Wilson on a red background
Ali Wilson discusses her experience as the Recruiter for Nexus and her admiration for the firm’s diverse engineering capabilities and the Team’s ability to take initiative

Tell us about a typical day-in-the-life as the Recruiter for Nexus?

I am usually in the office three days per week. If you don’t catch me in the Cleveland office – I am visiting one of our other offices or managing a career fair. Other daily duties include writing and negotiating offers, checking in with our interns, and corresponding with our HR Coordinator.

My typical morning includes a review of resumes that streamed in overnight. I am the first person to review a person’s resume and qualifications before it’s passed along to the hiring team. We recently started to administer cognitive and personality tests to potential candidates – this allows us to identify an individual’s traits and how they will fit in with the Team. Some of the traits we look for are self-starters, collaborators, and people who are not intimidated by a challenging project.

Nexus is constantly hiring across multiple disciplines, skillsets, and at various career levels. On average, I work with anywhere from 15-20 hiring managers on a weekly basis who are searching for the perfect addition to their team.

What parts of your job do you find the most challenging and rewarding?

Because of our footprint, it can sometimes be difficult to connect and bring together our four office locations – Cleveland, Maumee, Midland, and Oak Brook. However, our Team enjoys communicating and relying on each other to get the job done, we’re always able to align and successfully execute the task at hand.

The most rewarding part of my job is the appreciation each person has for their peers, our leadership, and the interns. Our engineers, designers, and project managers are a crew of highly intelligent, creative thinkers who want to motivate others and be challenged by the work we do. Our Teams are collaborative and entrepreneurial in spirit – they manage multiple projects simultaneously and uphold our core values.

How would you describe Nexus’ internship program?

We want to provide interns with experiential learning opportunities. They come to the firm with the theories of engineering from the classroom and will leave adept with the skills to solve real-world projects. A differentiator of our internship program is the opportunity to have face time with our clients.

If a college student or recent graduate is on the search for an internship opportunity with us, we publish opportunities on LinkedIn the semester prior to an internship window. Our internship program runs throughout the entire year. Summer semester is the most popular semester for our intern program, but we always offer full-time or part-time internships for Fall and Spring semesters.

Looking to 2024, what is the best way for someone to learn more about Nexus opportunities? What are Nexus’ recruitment goals for this year?

We have found a lot of success with candidates who apply through LinkedIn. We are constantly posting hot jobs there so I would suggest a potential candidate like or follow our social media pages. We are looking for candidates with relevant experience within the industry. If there are small gaps in experience, we look to identify transferrable skills a candidate may possess for the role.

When I look at 2024, I want Nexus to grow smart. We do not race to fill positions. We want to find quality, experienced talent to add to our team. A few other exciting recruitment goals for 2024 include:

  • Growing our internship reach – We will have our very first intern in the Oak Brook office and our Maumee office is considering a Procurement intern for 2024
  • Supply excellent candidates for complex positions – We are actively searching for tough-to-find skill sets such as structural design, transmission line engineering, power systems analysis, and pipe stress analysis.

What are the main reasons why someone should want to come to Nexus?

Nexus is simply a great place to work. The people we work with, the type of work we do, and our diversity of clients set us apart. We do a good job of challenging our Team and making them feel valued – because they are. We have excellent technology and software available to our Team. We offer competitive pay and great benefits. We make significant investments in cross-training, our internship program, tuition assistance, and more.


Nexus is a Team built on trust. We believe our people have the integrity to get the job done. Each person takes the initiative to move the ship forward. That is the best reason to join Nexus.