Oil Refining

September 21, 2020
A glowing industrial hydrocracker furnace

Nexus Rebuilds Hydrocracker Furnace

Inspection indicated signs of creep stress and deterioration in radiant and convection sections of furnace. A client’s inspection of the 1960’s vintage furnace identified that the tubes in the radiant sections showed signs of creep stress and required replacement. This inspection also showed other deterioration issues in the radiant section, convection section and large bore duct to the SCR from the furnace stack. With only a short amount of time remaining before the Hydrocracker planned turnaround, the challenge...
September 28, 2019
Tech Perspective

Pipe Stress Analysis – A Critical Step in Performance, Maintenance, and Safety

Nexus Engineering Group has proven experience and expertise in the field of Pipe Stress Analysis. Whether designing a new piping system or evaluating existing systems with problems or failures, our talented and knowledgeable team provide safe, cost-effective and code-compliant solutions to meet your specific needs. In our latest Tech Perspective we provide a general overview of Pipe Stress Analysis – why it is needed, what it entails and it’s benefits.